Save Outdoor Education: please get involved!

Many of you will be aware of the campaign to ‘Save Outdoor Education’ as a result of school residential trips still being prohibited by the Government under Covid-19 precautions. UK Outdoors (a federation of IOL, AHOEC, BAPA and the Outdoor Council) has already gained some success in getting this issue on the agenda with the UK Government and you can click the following links to get involved directly with the UK Outdoors campaign or via the BMC’s campaign page.

WATO has drafted the attached template letter for Welsh outdoor businesses to use – the more letters that are sent, the more likelihood there is of a change in policy, so please consider sending letters to your local MSs and MPs now to lobby them on this issue!

To use the template letter:

  1. Transfer it onto your own headed paper if possible
  2. Insert your name and address at the top of the letter;
  3. Insert MPs/MSs name and constituency at the top of the letter – you can find their contact details in these lists of Members of Senedd, Members of Parliament in Wales and MP Contact Details;
  4. Delete either MP or MS in paragraph 4, line 1, subject to who the letter is being sent to;
  5. Insert the name of your site/business in paragraph 4, line 1;
  6. insert the region i.e. South East Wales, South West Wales, Powys etc. in paragraph 6, line 2;
  7. Sign and send (preferably by e-mail)!

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