Save Outdoor Education – Petition and Survey

Save Outdoor Education – Petition

Please support the petition to the UK Government seeking financial support for Outdoor Residential Centres during closure as a result of Covid:

Support Needs for Outdoor Residential Businesses / Organisations – Survey

“This survey [by UK Outdoors] is designed to identify the immediate and future support requirements of the varied domestic residential outdoor learning business models in the UK. The information is an essential part of our on-going work with the Department for Education to support the sector through and beyond re-opening in Spring. It has been specifically requested by the DfE so that they have informed evidence when discussing the issue within and across government. We recognise that whilst education is a devolved issue for Home Nations, ownership or responsibility for outdoor learning organisations and their education services can be UK wide. We are also aware that the UK Treasury has committed to supporting business across the UK, suffering as a result of the pandemic and that not all outdoor learning business have been able to access all potential forms of this support.

“A range of residential outdoor learning business models exist across the UK. Please be as accurate as possible in your responses and complete the survey even if your organisation has received appropriate support to enable it to deliver residential based outdoor learning services from April 2021 onwards.

Please complete this survey before 9am on the 11th December 2020.


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