SAFETY ALERT – Unstable rocks at Sychryd Cascade / Will’s Hole Cave Entrance

Some of our members have alerted us to a significant potential hazard halfway up the Sychryd 'cascade' climb / at the entrance to Will's Hole cave, next to the obvious, upright metal girder (see photos):
"We noticed that there were some loose rocks on the left directly above the big metal girder. We investigated a little and there are a pile of rocks/boulders that wobble when pushed that are all being held up by a small stack of rocks on the lower side. We agreed that they appear to pose a threat to gorge groups coming up the waterfall climb (similar in nature to the threat of rock fall on way into Porth yr Ogof) and to cavers as access could be blocked if they were to fall."
Pending further investigation, providers should make their own risk assessments and exercise extreme caution in this area – perhaps in particular avoid 'hanging around' with groups in this natural 'holding area' during the ascent.

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