Re: Canoeing Access from Glasbury to Hay-on-Wye – Landowner Proposes Navigation Charge!

To all Members:
Canoe Wales has just confirmed ( that “CW members have access to legal expenses cover to…defend any civil action relating to material property, owned by a third party or for which a third party is responsible, arising out of an alleged or actual negligent act or omission or any nuisance, trespass or criminal damage…which causes or could cause physical damage to such material property or pecuniary loss to a third party…In other words, our insurance covers all members for civil claims against them for trespass (which would include incidents where paddlers believe they are not trespassing, but others claim that they are!). Paddlers should still do whatever they can to minimise conflict if they are accused of trespassing, but can be reassured that our insurance cover is available to help them if needed.”
Providers using the Glasbury-to-Hay stretch of the Wye after Easter might wish to assure themselves that their own public liability insurance provides similar cover…

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