Repair Work to Top of PYO Letterbox Aven

Thanks to Gary Evans for the following:

Following concerns about the stability of the platform at the top of Letterbox Aven (Entrance F) at Porth yr Ogof, a small team worked together on 31st May to resolve the issues there. 

Photo 1 shows the loose block on the surface removed and the void below where it had been.

Photo 2 shows from inside the cave, the void below the blocks that had been washed out by water flowing into the entrance.

Photo 3 shows from inside the cave the newly built wall filling the void and supporting the upper blocks.
Photo 4 shows the finished site at the surface, with the void fully infilled, the large block at the edge stabilised, and soil covering the concrete.
The work is now complete, but as always, please monitor the site going forward and do report any further concerns.

Particular thanks to Vince Allkins, Cambrian Caving Council Equipment Officer, for undertaking all the construction work.

None of this would have been possible without the help of Richard Farquhar, BBNP Warden. Richard made all the arrangements, collected a significant amount of limestone for the work, provided all the building materials and worked really hard on the day collecting materials and mixing numerous barrow loads of mortar and concrete. Richard had also previously been instrumental in the work to divert water from the road to stop it running down the aven, as well as other work at Porth yr Ogof. We are very grateful for Richard’s help.

Finally, thanks also to Rhys Powell, BBNP Estate Warden, for his help with the labouring in the early part of the afternoon and with the previous work undertaken.


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