Outdoor Sector Update Meeting for Providers, Wed 7 Sep – Presentations

Many thanks to those who were able to attend the outdoor sector update meeting on 7 Sep. Thanks also to Mike Rosser & Martin Smith for their presentations.

We’ve attached Mike’s presentation regarding the development of ‘Option 3’ and the HSE review of AALA. AdventureUK, the body behind the Option 3 proposal, will be releasing a survey in the next week or so which we hope Providers will be willing to complete. They now need to confirm the support for the proposal to enable it to be taken to the next stage – presenting it to the HSE Board.

Since OLA have produced a PDF update document recently, we have attached that rather than Martin’s presentation as it provides a bit more detail.

Should you have any questions regarding the attached and/or the conversations at yesterday’s meeting, please share them with us & we’ll pass them onto Mike or Martin for the answers.

The Wales Adventure Tourism Organisation (WATO) is hosting a virtual outdoor sector update meeting at 7pm on Wednesday 7th September 2022 to which all Providers are invited (with apologies for the short notice). The focus of the updates will be on:

  1. HSE review of Adventure Activity Licensing and the development of Option 3
  2. Developments of the Outdoor Learning Association (OLA)

More details including the Zoom link are in the attached document:

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