Oldham Caplamps – Back in Business

I appreciate that many member groups of your organisation will already be using various types of personal lighting in their underground locations. Some of these users may have specialised and expensive lighting equipment, but there is also a possibility that there are others who are using derivatives of the Oldham D-type and G-type lamps. As such, would like to introduce myself to your organisation.
Oldham lamps are now owned by Denchi Power Ltd., and manufacture has returned to the UK, with production of all models at the Thurso head office and manufacturing site. This includes the D-type LED headpiece as well as the G-type halogen lamp. With 12Ah and 24Ah li-ion battery packs we can provide personal hands-free caplamps to suit almost every type of user.
As a commercial enterprise, we welcome all enquiries and orders, but have to set a minimum order value of £500. However, I would also like to promote the services of our main UK distributor, www.caplamps.co.uk, where the MD Simon Lowe is able to support all levels of business from bulbs right through to full replacement caplamps and chargers.
Understanding that there may be only occasional interest, I would be really grateful if you could pass on this message and our contact details to the various organisations and members in your group, as we are anxious to help and support anyone who ventures underground or into dark tunnels!


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