Important news for gorge users: SWOAPG Membership and Dinas/Sychryd Code of Conduct Training

SWOAPG Membership: “Full Membership” Fees now due

At the SWOAPG Emergency General Meeting on 19 April, Members voted unanimously for the introduction of Membership Fees to ensure SWOAPG’s continued operation, following the withdrawal of Visit Wales funding.

 All Providers who wish to continue using the Sychryd and Mellte gorges under the NRW Waterfalls Country Concordat (or who simply wish to fully support and benefit from SWOAPG’s work) should complete an Application for Full Membership by 31 May (costing £75 until 31 March 2019), for either:

  • Full Individual Membership for Outdoor Activity Providers who are individuals aged 18+, e.g. freelancers or sole traders; or
  • Full Corporate Membership for Outdoor Activity Providers who are organisations or partnerships, including companies, associations, charities, clubs and other incorporated bodies, operating for-profit or not-for-profit.

We will also soon be making available the following membership categories for Providers and other organisations who wish to support SWOAPG but do not require all the benefits of Full Membership:

  • Extra Staff Membership – free of charge for staff of existing Corporate Members (providing additional contact points within the business / organisation)
  • Associate Individual & Corporate Memberships – £25 per year for Providers who do not need or want all membership benefits (no access to the NRW Waterfalls Country Concordat)
  • Youth Membership – free of charge for e.g. freelancers aged under 18
  • Supporter – free of charge for organisations and individuals who support SWOAPG’s aims and objectives, but are not Outdoor Activity Providers
  • Subscriber – free of charge listing for e-mail alerts only
Dinas/Sychryd Code of Conduct Training
Any providers wishing to use Sychryd gorge, who do not currently employ anyone who has attended this training, must attend one of our Code of Conduct Training workshops before using the gorge (which is also suitable as a ‘refresher’ for previous attendees). The next workshop will be:
  • 16th May, 4.45pm at Dinas Rock. £25 per participant (one free place for each Full Member).
Please e-mail to reserve your place.

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