Help Requested

Dave Ludlam, the ex Head of Storey Arms Outdoor Centre has decided not to waste his retirement with slippers, cocoa and day-time TV and has set himself a challenge to circumnavigate Wales by sea, canal and river in his amazing Hobie Mirage Tandem boat all to raise much needed funds for the “Friends of Storey Arms” charity.

You can find out about the challenge, make a donation or follow his progress on Facebook Even better, if you want to join him for a sea or inland leg of the journey in return for sponsorship then please get in touch.
In the lead up to his departure from Cardiff Bay on Wednesday 28th June, we’re now on the scrounge for equipment. Anything we can’t beg, borrow (or steal) we’ll have to purchase so we hope any of you good folk of SWOAPG, particularly the sea-kayakers, can help us keep the costs down!
Does anybody have some or all of the following kit:
  • Dry Suit – Medium – Sponsors joining Dave on the sea will need a dry-suit.  We’ve got a couple already but ideally need a size Medium
  • PLBs x 2
  • Flares
  • A long shot but……. “Spot” Locator (or similar)  We’d like to keep people up to date with Dave’s progress so a GPS tracker would be a bonus
We’ll need the kit for about 2 weeks until Dave reaches the canal and river systems for his southward journey. It goes without saying the kit will be well looked after and returned as quickly as we can after the journey is over.
We really appreciate your help and generosity. Contact Dave at

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