Gorges Code of Conduct Training 30 Jul (was 1 Aug)

We will be running a Code of Conduct training session for Dinas / Sychryd and Mellte gorges in the evening on 30 July (previously advertised as 1 August), for new gorge users and anyone who needs a refresher. NB we are trialling a new (simpler?!) booking system for our events so there may be some teething issues – please bear with us if we need to resolve any booking problems. If in doubt, contact the organiser (but please be patient as Steve is abroad for 2 weeks so you may need to await his return!). For more details and to book, click here.


2 thoughts on “Gorges Code of Conduct Training 30 Jul (was 1 Aug)”

  1. I would be interested in booking a place on the Code of Conduct Training on the 1st August if there is a space available? Thanks


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