Glasbury-Hay Update: Information required from Providers using the river

Representatives of SWOAPG, AHOEC and Canoe Wales met with Powys County Council last week to discuss the Habitat Regulations Assessment which the Council is being required to undertake. Once again, the council confirmed that this is likely to take months and that they are open to ideas from Providers for measures that they would be willing to take to minimise the risk of environmental damage, particularly in low water levels (and therefore to maximise the likelihood of canoeing being permitted once again from Glasbury). We shared with the Council our experience of operating the Concordat for Gorge-Walking in Waterfall Country and they expressed interest in exploring whether something similar to this might be appropriate for some canoeing operations at Glasbury.

They also asked whether we could obtain any information on typical patterns of use on the river, which they could use to help them explore how any environmental restrictions might affect different users. To this end we’d be grateful if Providers who regularly use this stretch of the river could complete the following questionnaire so that SWOAPG can provide a summary in due course to the Council:

SWOAPG will also be meeting shortly with Hay Town Council to discuss issues with congestion at The Gliss (the public launch point in Hay) and we’ll let you know if anything useful arises from this meeting.

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