Glasbury-Hay paddlesport ‘arrangement’

Following the concerns raised by fisheries owners over recent years, the Wye and Usk Foundation last year set about negotiating an ‘arrangement’ for paddlesport between Glasbury & Hay. This ‘arrangement’ has now been published on the WUF website. In summary, land- and fisheries-owners have agreed to ‘permit’ continued paddling providing that:

  • Departure below the bridge at Glasbury is between 10.30am and 1.30pm, all year, but only when the river is higher than 0.67m at Glasbury or 0.3m at Hay; and
  • Arrival at Hay is before 3.30pm.

SWOAPG does not endorse this ‘arrangement’: we expressed deep concerns when it was first mooted, which appear to have been largely ignored. WUF claims that they “were pressed [by fisheries owners] ultimately into going ahead or giving up” – and ‘giving up’ would no doubt have led to ever-increasing conflict. They have, however, said that “if we can manage this section per the current rules, there will be options for refinement later”.

We have asked Powys County Council to clarify its intentions at the Glasbury launch site; and have reminded WUF of our concerns; but in the meantime SWOAPG’s current ‘advice’ to our Members is:

  • If you stick within the new WUF ‘arrangement’, you shouldn’t encounter conflict from landowners or fisheries.
  • If you paddle outside the new WUF ‘arrangement’, you run the risk of conflict and of further upsetting relationships on the river.

We will, of course, keep you informed of any further developments.

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  1. FEEDBACK FROM CLIVE ROBERTS (OUTERACTIVELIFE). It would be except-able for my organisation to comply with the WUF agreement at present but more difficult with DofE gold Exped. in the future, My main comment is that the Commercial Canoe Hire Companies will not Comply also the Access @ parking problems at Glasbury Bont shows no consideration to the Residents living in close proximity to that area with particular reference to the properties of old residents. My recommendation is that the area require the same system as operated at Porth -Y-Ogof Cave. with a charge place on parking and canoe launching from that area (except for local Glasbury residents and OE Centres), REGARDS CLIVE ROBERTS


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