Friday 19 July: No access to Cwm Porth car park or cave entrances due to urgent tree felling

SWOAPG has received the following urgent message from BBNPA:

“We have identified some Ash trees above the access path to Porth yr Orgof cave main entrance that have very advanced cases of Chalara die back.

The trees are at such an advanced stage of decay that they will need dismantling through the use of specialist access equipment.

Due to the delicate crumbling nature of the diseased timber, there is a possibility that the timber may fail during the dismantling process and distribute itself in a uncontrolled manner!

With this in mind the Arb contractor carrying out the work for us has recommended that we have a large “drop zone” that is kept clear of people.

This in turn will result in us having to prohibit access between the cave entrances, both the main cave and trademans,  and Cwm Porth car park during the carrying out of tree work.

The works are due to take place from 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. this Friday 19th July.

Please pass on my apologies for the short notice, it is just that on having carried out the tree assessments we have tried to get the tree work done as urgently as

Richard Farquhar, Assistant Area Warden (Western Area), Brecon Beacons National Park Authority

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