Eglwys Faen dig / gate update

Thanks to Dan Thorne for the following update:

“The gate / scaffold barrier in Eglwys Faen is now at the second Sump location in St Patrick’s Passage (see survey). There is no gate now at the St Patrick’s Sump location as we reported a few months back.
The smell of bang fumes had dissipated yesterday but there is obviously still activity going on. The second Sump has now been passed. See photos.”

1 thought on “Eglwys Faen dig / gate update”

  1. Hi I was at the dig site 2 weeks ago (didn’t go past the scaffold) i’m really interested to know where the dig will eventually break through ?
    we made a video of the whole cave from the main entrance , western series, east series and the warren , will post it on YouTube soon.


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