Dinas Bridge, Pontneddfechan – Emergency Works starting 14 Sep

Powys County Council has informed us of emergency engineering work on the bridge over the Mellte at Dinas Rock, scheduled to take place from 14 Sep to 9 Oct. During this period they will endeavour to minimise disruption and to maintain pedestrian access to the car park whenever possible – but there will be times when pedestrian access may be restricted and/or when it will not be safe to be in the river beneath the bridge. The Council has promised to liaise with us so we can keep Providers informed about specific restrictions, but please follow any day-to-day instructions from the contractors on site.

While the bridge is closed to vehicular access, Providers are welcome to park in the Pontneddfechan Village Hall car park free-of-charge (although donations to Village Hall funds would be very welcome – contact Sian williams, sianwills1@hotmail.co.uk, for payment details!). However, Groups are not to get changed in the Village Hall Car Park, so providers will need to make arrangements for them to change before arrival or continue to use the Dinas changing screens as usual.

2 thoughts on “Dinas Bridge, Pontneddfechan – Emergency Works starting 14 Sep”

  1. How can the Council close the bridge, without letting the 2 properties that use this access daily. How are we expected to move our farming implements around?

    • Hi Eifion, thanks for your comment. I don’t think they’ll be completely closing the bridge during the works, but it may be out of action at certain times during this period. I’m sure the Council would have been in touch with the landowners if it was going to be anything more serious…


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