Covid-19 Business Surveys

We have received details of two surveys that Outdoor Provider businesses might like to complete, to provide feedback to Welsh Government on the impact on our sector of the Covd-19 crisis.

  1. A questionnaire aimed at lobbying Government, from Wales Tourism Associations (which we have received from Brecon Beacons Tourism). Please complete and return this questionnaire ASAP to Ashford Price, as they would like get back to Welsh Government before they release the criteria for the latest round of funding announced on Monday. Please note any feedback you share will be collated anonymously and sent to Welsh Government Ministers, AMs /MPs. /Media outlets to highlight the plight off the tourist industry in Wales and how desperately help is needed. NO mention of any individual tourism operator will be made in the final analysed results of this ‘grass roots’ survey.
  2. An online ‘tracker survey‘ by Visit Wales.

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