Communications with British Caving Association award holders / Radon Underground training package (on-line)

British Caving Association award holders should have received an email recently regarding online Radon training. If you haven’t, it may be because you have not yet engaged with the BCA’s Qualification Management System (Go Membership)! All BCA award holders / trainees should have received an email from the BCA training admin email asking them to register with the QMS. These emails were sent out based on the old BCA database so if you have changed email you may have not received anything! If you haven’t engaged in the system for any reason please try and do so whilst the BCA administrator is relatively quiet. If you haven’t received any emails about this please contact Mary on

Radon Underground training package (on-line)

For those of you who may not have received this information…

The BCA has been working with QMC to update the guidance document Radon Underground to reflect changes in the regulations relating to those who work in an atmosphere containing radon.

The BCA with support from the MoD, AHOEC and regional panels has conducted a significant body of work measuring the radon levels in a number of caves and mines across the UK. If radon levels within any cave or mine used by an award holder is above a particular level then the Ionising Radiation Regulations apply. There are a number of requirements within the regulations, part of which includes the need for those exposed to radon to undergo an element of training to understand the radon hazard. BCA’s Radon Working Group, together with QMC, has produced an online training package to address this.

The training package includes a 30 minute presentation, after which award holders may choose to complete a test paper which if successful will provide a certificate which can be uploaded to a candidates profile within the BCAs Qualification Management System.

QMC would encourage all award holders, and those working through the BCAs Leadership Award schemes to complete the package which can be accessed here.


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