Airbnb Experiences Workshop

Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter Group hosted an Airbnb Experiences Workshop on 11 Jan, sharing information regarding the Airbnb Experiences platform and how outdoor providers may be able to use it to aid their businesses in reaching a wider audience.

There was some really beneficial information discussed during the evening. For those that were unable to attend and also as a helpful resource for those that did, the presentation by Emma Edwards-Jones from Snowdonia-Active is available here:

Curious Cymru Workshop Presentation

For those that wish to continue the conversation regarding the Airbnb platform and to discuss your business ideas for potential Experiences, please feel free to contact Emma at As discussed at the time, funding for the ‘Curious Cymru’ project is due to finish by the end of March, so although Emma said she is happy to be contacted after that time, it would be best to capture Emma’s expertise over the next two months and have the opportunity to capitalise fully on the assistance available.

The meeting was also recorded. The full recording, which includes Belinda Gammon’s video, can be accessed here. Belinda has been assisted by the ‘Curious Cymru’ project and was available during the evening to provide a short video of her product, which is now live on the platform, followed by her summary regarding her experience so far with Airbnb and the ‘Curious Cymru’ project.

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