Clarification of guidance for outdoor instructors working with a single household

WATO (Wales Adventure Tourism Association) has issued the following statement containing additional clarification from Welsh Government, applicable until 6 July when more changes are anticipated for adventure tourism. This clarifies that professional instructors may travel more than 5 miles to work, so might enable some of you to do more with individuals or single households than the previous guidance allowed.

“In light of the First Ministers announcement today (19.06.2020), the following statement applies
until 6th July.

“Further to a recent question asked of Welsh Government as to whether there are any restrictions
with regards to travelling to work for individual professional outdoor activity instructors, coaches
or guides, it has been clarified that the guidance is to work from home if possible and if that is not
possible then people can travel to work BUT that should be in compliance with social distancing
rules and the appropriate workplace guidance.

“In addition, individual professional outdoor activity instructors, coaches or guides may work:

  • Outside with clients, on their own (or with members of their own household)
  • With a single household at a time
  • At venues that are open – definitely worth checking prior to arrival. If it looks busy it’s too
    busy, be prepared to change your plans and find somewhere less crowded
  • Local to (within c.5 miles of) their clients’ homes. The guidance clearly states that “any
    kind of outdoor activity can be undertaken locally…” but goes on to say that “no journeys
    of any significant distance should be taken, for example, just in order to exercise in the
    countryside, at the coast or at beauty spots outside your local area”

and must have in place all necessary precautions at their ‘workplace’ to prevent the transmission
of the virus and protect and respect local communities – including social distancing and hygiene
for both staff and clients – as defined by Welsh Government workplace guidance and the Outdoor
Alliance Wales Post Covid-19 Guidelines and Recovery Matrix for Adventure Sports and Provision in Wales.”

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