Attention all Canoeing Providers!

Following our recent notice (see below) regarding Powys CC’s consultation on future management of canoeing from Glasbury Bont…

… Jane Hughes of Wye Valley Canoes has informed us that she is facing an imminent threat of legal action which, if successful, could have huge implications for all canoeing providers not only on the Wye but also on other rivers. Jane is asking for the support of other operators, initially by attending one of two meetings where she will explain what assistance she is looking for. One of these meetings will, therefore, be:

A Meeting for all SWOAPG Members with a canoeing interest (particularly Glasbury-Hay), immediately following the SWOAPG AGM (scheduled for 6.30-7.30pm) on Tue 27 Nov at RockUK Summit Centre CF46 6RD

  1. To learn more about and consider initial responses to the Powys CC Consultation; and
  2. To hear from Jane how other Providers might be able to assist her case.

All Glasbury-Hay users need to be aware that Powys CC is about to launch a consultation exercise around the future management of commercial operations using the Glasbury Bont launch site

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