Climbing & Abseiling at Dinas Rock ‘left hand end’ – Workshop for Providers?

Updated & re-posted with clarification: this is intended to cover both abseiling and climbing at the left-hand end of the crag.

Following our recent posts on this subject (Abseiling at Dinas Rock – UPDATE 17 July and Abseiling at Dinas Rock – Update / clarification from Adventure RMS 1 August), we have a climbing TA lined-up and ready to offer a half-day workshop for SWOAPG members to explore solutions with providers to the potential ‘issue’ that the climb and abseil at the left hand end of the crag at Dinas Rock might require measures beyond the ‘normal’ RCI/SPA remit. The cost for this workshop would be split between participants, so it needs at least two attendees to justify running it (otherwise you might as well just run a session with your own TA!). Please let know if you’re interested, by Fri 8 Sep so we can look at suitable dates etc.

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