Abseiling at Dinas Rock – UPDATE

Further to our recent post (below), we are investigating the possibility of running a workshop for all SWOAPG Members to explore / recommend / train possible ‘solutions’ for this issue. Watch this space for further updates – or feel free to contact us in the meantime to express interest…

The following advice has recently been given by AdventureRMS to providers undergoing AALA licence renewals:

‘It is highly likely that the big abseil on the bolted slab at Dinas Rock (i.e. not the main face but the highest point on the left side of the slab) is outside the scope of RCI, as RCI excludes locations “where there is no easy access to the top of the crag or where retreat is not easily possible”. Mountain Training also specifically define a single pitch crag as “…presents no difficulties on approach or retreat, such as route finding, scrambling or navigation”.’ (This may mainly affect abseiling, but there may also be an issue if a climber inadvertently topped-out on the two left hand routes as they would end up in the same location).

AdventureRMS have advised that providers using this part of the crag should have a conversation with their technical advisors to “to find ways to demonstrate their staff competencies including dealing with foreseeable situations at that left end of the crag”, as RCI alone is unlikely to be an adequate qualification because on this left-hand side “in ascent or descent clients may need additional safeguards that are not covered in the RCI/SPA syllabus – e.g. clip-lines/ safeguarding using a rope/ use of cowstails”.

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