“Waterfalls Country” Update: Angel Inn Car Park, Cwm Porth one-way & Clyn Gwyn Parking

Angel Inn, Pontneddfechan
Following our recent message about Providers using the car park at the Angel Inn, the landlady (Lisa) has asked us to pass on the following message. Her position seems perfectly fair and reasonable, so we trust that all Providers will be happy to comply with her request (and to keep sending business her way!):
"It has been brought to my attention that an email has been circulated regarding car parking at The Angel Inn. I find the contents of the email very disappointing and detrimental to me and my business.  [This message] has taken what was said completely out of context. The reason I spoke to [a Provider] on Friday 20th April was because, prior to this date, there had been a series of events where a number of activity providers were using my car park to meet their clients. There were coaches, minibuses, convoys of cars congesting my car par, giving the wrong impression that the pub was busy and my own customers were unable to park. I was astounded by the number of groups using my car park in this way and I made a decision that it was time to get my message across.

"I would like to clarify the Angel Inn Car Park is not a Public Car Park, it is Private Property for Customer Use Only.

"This situation has now come to a head, as it is affecting my business.  We are at a point where we have to man the car park.  What I say to people is "Out of courtesy if you are not using the pub please could you park elsewhere? If you do decide to bring your groups back [to the pub] you know you can use the car park". 

"I am not just dealing with activity providers, as you know the area parking is a major problem! Prior to taking on the Angel Inn over the last five years, I worked at the pub for 7.. I can see the area is getting busier and I am sure I am not the only business having this problem.  

"Most activity providers have been understanding and I thank them for their support.  For those who I have offended, I apologise; but like them I am trying to run a business.

"In spite of [this unfortunate misunderstanding], I am prepared to compromise as other activity providers have completely understood my position.  I am therefore prepared to give permission for activity providers to meet their clients in my car park early morning but must vacate by 10.30am, anyone there after this time will be asked to leave.  I believe this is fair."

Cwm Porth One Way
Many of you will have noticed that the National Park Authority has now installed signs to encourage use of the 'advisory' one-way system at Cwm Porth. We have received the following message from BBNPA:
"Just a reminder to let you know that, as part of the partnership working to resolve some of the traffic and parking issues around the Waterfalls area we have a voluntary one way system designed to help reduce the congestion by asking people to abide by the advisory arrows."
Clyn Gwyn Parking
Again, from BBNPA: "The Ystradfellte show field will [now] be open for parking at a small charge. This is to relieve the congestion on Comin Yr Rhos. Please will you ask your members and their clients to park responsibly, use the field for parking and change etc. in accordance with the Gorge Walking code."

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