Waterfall Country Gorge ID Cards / SWOAPG Membership Renewals

New ‘dark red’ gorge ID cards for 2023 have now been sent to all Members who have completed the necessary requirements. If you haven’t yet received yours, it could be because they’re in the post (only one that we’re aware of!) or you may still need to address one or more of the bullet points listed below. If you want to check your current status, please feel free to contact coordinator@swoapg.com for an update.

Many thanks to our all those who have renewed SWOAPG Membership for 2023/24. We have (again) updated the published list of Our Full Members to reflect those who have paid; we are aware that payment is in progress for some of you to whom we have issued invoices, so if you’re not on the list it probably means you haven’t paid (or have asked us not to publish your details).

All Providers using the Waterfall Country Gorges from now MUST have completed the 2023 update requirements. Those who are fully registered (and have given us permission to publish their details) are listed at Gorge Walking – SWOAPG and have been notified to NRW and BBNPA.

If you’re not listed for the gorge(s) you expected to see (which means that you don’t now have permission from NRW to use them) it could be that…

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