Upper Wye Access

Please see below the body of an email from the Wye and Usk foundation which I hope is self explanatory. The Bachawy access was a good addition to the “legal” put on’s on the upper Wye so would be a shame to lose it! (the red shaded area of the map referred to is upstream river left of the confluence)

“I met the owners of the land upstream of the Bachawy last Friday. They have had groups of canoeists launching from the permitted place, then paddling upstream and getting out on the bank and into the field above the Bachawy confluence for instruction/warm up exercises (see red shaded area on the attached map). These groups appear to have official instructors with them.

They did not want to stop the access (they also own the land and path down to the Bachawy from the layby) but were very keen that this didn’t happen in the future. I will have website access instructions updated later today but could I ask everyone to pass on the word to all relevant contacts please? It may of course be a group(s) from outside the area and I have asked the owners to try and identify them if it happens again.

Many thanks,

Seth Johnson-Marshall

Project Manager”

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