Update on Residential arrangements

We have received the following clarification from Welsh Government:

From 7 June (subject to the health conditions at that date) [we expect a change to Alert Level 1 when] 6 people from any household (excluding any children under the age of 11, or carers) OR members of the same extended household (and well-being household) can share the same accommodation unit (room, dorm, [tent] etc.).

We have still not received any direct clarification for the current (Alert Level 2) situation on whether campers in individual tents may share washing facilities (since campsites with these are now open). We have noted, however, that ScoutsCymru are advising that campers in individual tents may use shared campsite washing and dining facilities, subject to appropriate distancing and hygiene precautions. We assume this advice is based on specific guidance from Welsh Government, but aren’t yet in a position to confirm whether this applies to all camping operations relevant to outdoor activity providers.

In the absence of anything more definite, providers should continue to plan residential events with caution…

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