SWOAPG response to Powys consultation on canoe launching at Glasbury

Attached is a DRAFT of the response that SWOAPG proposes to submit to Powys County Council’s consultation on canoe launching at Glasbury, which has been drawn up following consultative meetings with our members.

Although the Council has made it clear that it is interested in the quality of responses (rather than receiving large numbers of identical ones), it will be useful for them to have as many responses direct from providers as possible. We are therefore sharing our draft with you now so that you have the opportunity to use it in preparing your own responses: please feel free to cut-and-paste as you see fit. The deadline for submission is Sunday 17 Feb and we do not expect our submission to change significantly from this draft (unless any of you tell us forcefully enough that it needs to!).

You can access the consultation at https://en.powys.gov.uk/article/6689/Upper-Glas-y-Bont-Survey (or e-mail sian.barnes@powys.gov.uk if you’re not precious about anonymity).

Steve Rayner, SWOAPG Coordinator

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