Survey for tourism businesses: Sustainable Tourism in Wales’ National Parks

Audit Wales wants to hear from tourism businesses in and around Wales’ National Parks about the challenge of managing sustainable tourism.


Our National Parks are internationally important examples of how working landscapes can be protected. The concept of a protected landscape – a protected area within which people live and work – is of increasing importance in global conservation terms.
Promoting sustainability does not mean stopping tourism. Rather, it means delivering tourism in ways that protect and enhance our natural environment as much as possible. Doing this successfully means striking the right balance between ensuring visitors’ enjoyment and sustaining our communities and environment.

The survey is part of a review being undertaken to support National Park Authorities in Wales to address the challenge of delivering sustainable tourism.

Audit Wales want to hear from businesses who benefit from the National Parks to find out how the three Authorities:

  • are working to support sustainable tourism;
  • engage and involve you in their work on sustainable tourism; and
  • support you to become more sustainable.

By spending a few minutes sharing your views you can help shape the future of sustainable tourism in Wales

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