River Wye Glasbury-Hay Concordat: Paddlesport Advisory Group

The following message has been sent to providers with a known interest in paddlesport on the Wye, but if other SWOAPG Members are also interested, please let us know.

To representatives of : AHOEC, Canoe Wales, Celtic Canoes / Wye Valley Canoes, Glasbury Paddlers, Local Military Units, ScoutsCymru, Ultimate Adventure, Want to Canoe, SWOAPG Wye Working Group, SWOAPG Steering Group

Dear all,

Please read on if you could…

…help us represent users’ interests in a concordat arrangement with Powys CC for paddlesport operations at Glas-y-Bont common!

I’m pleased to say that we’re starting to make some progress – albeit very slowly – towards exploring a formal concordat arrangement with Powys County Council that could enable paddlesport operations to re-commence at Glas-y-Bont Common in Glasbury-on-Wye. We understand that the Council’s Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) report may be published imminently, which will give us all something to get our teeth into, so we’re starting to think about how best to manage and represent the interests of all paddlesport users throughout this process.

To this end we’re proposing to:

  1. setup a ‘River Wye Paddlesport Advisory Group’, representing a broad range of user groups, to advise SWOAPG throughout this process (see attached draft Terms of Reference); and
  2. call a users’ meeting to establish this group formally as well as to start to discuss some of the key issues around any concordat arrangement.

The timing of this first meeting will depend on when the HRA is published, but we would expect it to:

  1. ideally be held face-to-face (although it could be online if necessary);
  2. consider the implications of the HRA (if available);
  3. explore options for how different groups of paddlesport users might be ‘accredited’ to meet the Council’s requirements;
  4. ratify the establishment and Terms of Reference of the Advisory Group and confirm its initial membership; and
  5. discuss when and how to engage with the wider user and stakeholder communities.

We believe it is crucial that the Advisory Group includes representatives from a broad range of user groups, including those listed below:

  • Not-for-profit Outdoor Education Centres
  • Private outdoor activity businesses
  • Paddlesport craft hire businesses
  • Independent paddlesport coaches
  • Military training units
  • Paddlesport clubs
  • Voluntary Organisations (such as Scouts & Guides)

As a starting-point, we already have some potential nominations from our existing ‘Wye Working Group’, whose membership is attached, but we recognise that this does not adequately reflect the broad user base on this stretch of river so are inviting you all to consider:

  1. Do you wish to nominate yourself – or someone else – to represent your interests on our ‘River Wye Paddlesport Advisory Group’?
  2. Can you suggest anyone else who should be invited?
  3. Would you like to be invited to the initial users’ meeting (regardless of whether you end up joining the Advisory Group)? And would you prefer a face-to-face or online meeting?
  4. Do you have any comments on the attached draft Terms of Reference?
  5. Do you have any other comments or suggestions at this stage?

I look forward to hearing from you, ideally by am Mon 3 October.

Steve Rayner, SWOAPG Coordinator

2 thoughts on “River Wye Glasbury-Hay Concordat: Paddlesport Advisory Group”

  1. As a club coach I would have thought inviting observers from CW and BC would be a useful step. It would ensure that comms channels existed to affiliated clubs exist.

    Do remember that there will be paddlers who will be ignorant of or even wilfully ignore and agreement. A club trip or a non-club trip might not be as large as some of groups sent out by the hirers and paddlers on those trips might be reluctant to conform to any agreement arrived at by commercial operations.


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