Outdoors for All – response from Outdoor Alliance Wales

SWOAPG Members may be aware of the ‘Outdoors for All’ manifesto launched recently by a coalition of 36 partners calling for new legislation to open up more countryside for public enjoyment, including waterways, woodland, riversides and downland (see e.g. the BMC announcement at Outdoors For All: A manifesto for the outdoor sector).

Although presented as a UK-wide manifesto, the focus of Outdoors for All is for new legislation which would primarily affect England since access is a devolved matter across the UK nations. The Outdoor Alliance Wales (a broad coalition of bodies representing our own outdoor activity sector) has therefore released the following statement in response:

“Outdoor Alliance Wales acknowledges and supports the approach taken by the Outdoors For All coalition in respect of the recent drafting of their manifesto that advocates for the expansion of responsible access to green and blue spaces across the United Kingdom.

“This manifesto urges the introduction of new legislation to open up more of the UK’s countryside, encompassing waterways, woodlands, riversides, and downlands for public enjoyment, advocating for the extension of public open access rights to diverse landscapes and the establishment of an Access to
Nature Investment Strategy to UK Parliament in Westminster.

“Whilst Outdoor Alliance Wales acknowledges this urge to introduce new legislation, decisions relating to access to Wales’ countryside are devolved to Senedd Cymru (Welsh Parliament). Outdoor Alliance Wales will therefore look to focus their attention on these matters in the drafting of their Manifesto 2026.”

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