Mountain Rescue in the Gorges, Networking Event 4 Dec

Lee Garbett reported that the networking evening facilitated by SWOAPG at the Central Beacons MR centre on 4 Dec was “a fantastic event, we had a full capacity with around 20 members in attendance. Superb presentation by MR as well as interactive discussion and networking with all group members. The interaction between all members was hugely beneficially for all involved including SWOAPG members, MR, Emergency Services and gorge users. The National Park staff and the MR teams now see us as a vital part of the safety and best practice measures on these sites, which is where we want to be. We used the mapping evacuation map constructed with MR, which contains the details on how to operate in an incident, which gives providers an idea of best practice and the details when being part of an onsite incident. There were discussions about the priority of our own guests’ safety and evacuation onsite. I am now working on the possibility of running an onsite practical updating event as well as offering a 2 – 3 yearly update session as run last night.”

Many thanks to those who attended – and to Lee for organising the event.

Click here to download the Mellte evacuation map.

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