Full SWOAPG Membership – changes for gorge users

There have now been a couple of additional changes to SWOAPG membership for gorge users this year (as well as the requirement to complete updated 2022 Code of Conduct training):

  1. There is no longer a requirement for ‘Good to Go’ certification as this scheme is being withdrawn as we (hopefully) emerge from the worst of the Covid pandemic (so this requirement has now been removed from our membership forms).
  2. We will only now send a maximum of 8 ID cards ‘free of charge’ to each gorge-walking Provider at the start of each year or when they first register. If you require more than 8 cards – or you need additional cards during the year – you will need to pay a small fee (£1 each) for these. You will already have told us how many cards you want on your main membership form, if this is 8 or less you will receive your cards automatically. But if you’ve asked for more than 8, we’ll be in touch with you and you’ll be able to find an option to purchase additional ID cards after ‘proceeding to payment’ from your membership form (or just contact coordinator@swoapg.com who’ll be able to do this for you!). We have introduced this change to help manage our costs and we hope it won’t be too much of a burden for any of you…

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