Easing of lockdown restrictions, 27 Mar

The Welsh Government has confirmed that it will be easing lockdown restrictions slightly from tomorrow (Sat 27 Mar):

  • The ‘stay local’ rule is lifted, meaning we (and our clients) can all now travel freely within Wales (but not to / from outside of Wales, other than for essential reasons such as work). This should make it easier for outdoors folk to get out and about to practise their craft in preparation for further easing of restrictions in future – but it also means that there is likely to be an influx of visitors at local ‘hotspots’. If you are travelling further afield, do check on any local access restrictions where you’re going (e.g. new parking arrangements for Snowdon at Pen y Pass).
  • Six people from two households can now meet up outdoors (increased from four), meaning that a single instructor could now work anywhere in Wales with a single household group (from Wales) of up to 5 people (plus additional children under 11).
  • Organised outdoor activities and sports for under-18s can resume, although we don’t yet have definitive guidance from Welsh Government or NGBs as to what exactly this means in relation to outdoor activities (The Scout Association, for example, is allowing outdoors activities with up to 30 children and 6 adults but, bizarrely, only in ‘fixed’ venues with “no hiking”!). We are assuming that during any activity with children, parents will not be able to congregate as spectators.
  • Self-contained holiday accommodation, including hotels with en-suite facilities and room service, will be able to reopen to people from the same household or support bubble.
  • The Government has also emphasised the importance of following the basic steps to keep us all safe while we’re out and about – keeping our distance from others; not mixing indoors; avoiding crowds; washing our hands regularly and wearing face coverings.

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