Dementia Adventure – An opportunity for providers

People living with dementia, their family carers and the professionals who support them consistently tell us that they need Dementia Adventure in their area.

They say that there are not enough choices and outdoor activities on offer locally; they would like to do more with the right support; they wish they had known about us years ago; there are too many people who are ‘stuck’ or ‘risk averse’, and staff need training and support to embrace the benefits of outdoor activity for people living with dementia.

We want to give people a life worth living and re-connect them to the joy of living despite having dementia.

Our aim therefore is to build long term innovative and mutually beneficial partnerships which directly increase the choices on offer for people living with dementia – specifically connecting them to outdoor nature based adventures through the support of confident, trained Dementia Adventure Leaders.

Your organisation has been specially selected for this message because we have identified you as sharing the values that we at Dementia Adventure hold dear.

Please allow us to introduce you and South Wales Outdoor Activity Providers Group (SWOAPG) to our social licence training and support product, ‘Dementia Adventure in a Box’. This is specifically designed for individuals and organisations to come together in partnership and engage with us in a deeper way. Our social licence is ideal for groups of up to 8 ‘licensees’, and all the better if a wide variety of stakeholders with shared values and an organisational imperative can get involved (charities, green space organisations, care home groups, local authorities, private sector companies…).

We thought you might also be interested to know that a Report has very recently been published – ‘Is it nice outside? Consulting people living with dementia and carers about engaging with the natural environment’. This is the result of a collaborative project between Natural England, Dementia Adventure, the Mental Health Foundation and Innovations in Dementia. The report reveals that engaging in outdoor activities that have a purpose and those that involve being with other people is an important motivator for people living with dementia. You can read the report by following this link.

If this is of interest to you and South Wales Outdoor Activity Providers Group (SWOAPG), then the next suggested step is for you to reply to this email confirming you would like to discuss this further with us. You are under no obligation at this stage, and a more detailed conversation will not cost you anything but some of your time! This will also enable us both to talk and think more about how the social licence would be useful to your organisation, funding for the licence, as well as thinking about organisations you may wish to partner with. We would ideally do this through a face-to-face meeting.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Business Development Manager
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