Caving Information – Ogof Clogwyn & Ogof y Ci

Messages from Richard Hill regarding some local caves:

Ogof Clogwyn

Previously we sent out an email suggesting that people do not use the stone (larger) of the culverts at Clogwyn due to rockfall. Richard has been to have a look. There has been some small rockfall and the large retaining wall is deteriorating and there is a massive amount of old stonework upstream of the culvert that will one day fall down, but the South Wales Local Cave Leader panel last week agreed that if organisations feel that it is appropriate for their group and use appropriate safety methods, then access to the upstream end of the stone culvert is possible.

Ogof y Ci

It seems that there has been a change of requirement for access at Ogof y Ci. The landowners would like people to call at the farm before using the cave. They would like visits to only be during daytime.

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