Calling all Waterfall Country Gorge Users: we need your help before end Feb!

Those of you using the Waterfall Country gorges in the last year or so will be well aware of the immense pressure that the area is under from visitors – which is having a significant adverse impact on the gorge environment. We know that gorge-walking groups are not a significant part of the problem – in fact we think there’s a lot we can do to help!

SWOAPG is therefore planning to hold an onsite workshop, based around the Mellte gorge, to see what we can do to help alleviate some of the problems being caused by visitor numbers and behaviour (more information below).

Please let us know ( if you would be willing to attend a 3-hour onsite workshop and whether you would prefer:

  1. midweek (not Tue) 9am-12pm before end Feb;
  2. midweek (not Tue) 1-4pm before end Feb;
  3. during a weekend for 3 hours either 29/30 Jan or 19/20 Feb.

The idea of the workshop (which will be facilitated on behalf of SWOAPG by Lee Garbett of Quest Adventures – and hopefully attended by all the major gorge-walking providers as well as environmental and safety organisations) is to share concerns and ideas and generate some key messages and good practice for groups using the gorge, which SWOAPG will then disseminate more widely. Topics to be addressed will include how providers might…

  • better understand and continue to minimise their own impact on the fragile gorge environment;
  • help keep the area in good condition e.g. by collecting and disposing of rubbish; and
  • influence the behaviour of the general public to better look after the gorge environment (and their own safety!).

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