Advance warning of survey about ‘the economic value of the adventure sector in Wales’

We are delighted that Welsh Government has asked for the support of SWOAPG, as part of WATO, to help update the economic valuation for the adventure sector in Wales. In addition, a brand-new element to the planned research will be to measure the social benefits of adventurous activities.

It has been 8 years since Miller Research did the first in depth evaluation of the sector providing us with a detailed report (attached). The findings of the research in 2014 showed that the adventure sector was worth more than £480 million to the Welsh Economy (6% of all tourism) and employed directly more than 8200 full time jobs. But where are we now 8 years on?

This new research, which Miller Research will again be leading on, will not only provide an update on the current economic value of adventurous activities for 2023, but also show any new trends and help identify growth areas and training needs for the sector. The research also aims to highlight the future potential of the sector to contribute to the delivery of a green recovery, as well as measuring the social value of adventurous activities in Wales.

The survey will be emailed out soon – so keep an eye on the inbox for the link & we would be very grateful for your help to make this report as accurate as possible so we can all ensure the adventure sector gets the recognition and support it truly deserves at the highest level.

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