Activities and Covid-19: Feedback from our Online Workshop for Providers and Instructors to Share Good Practice

Our online workshop last week, for Providers and Instructors to Share Good Practice around operating with Covid-19 precautions, was well-attended and generated some useful discussion and ideas, including: 

  • Clients are often very relaxed about Covid, so we need to remind them that others (including the public & other groups) might not be so relaxed
  • Younger (and some older!) staff / freelancers may be reluctant to take Covid seriously, so we need to keep reinforcing & reminding them
  • There is little definitive guidance on equipment handling and cross-contamination – the general consensus was to quarantine for 72 hours where possible; or at the very least to wash using manufacturers’ recommendations
  • Providers need to liaise politely with each other at busy venues! There may be some value in having a ‘real-time’ system for sharing information about busy venues…
  • Guidance for caving is still vague – in the absence of a definite prohibition from Welsh Government, Providers should use their own judgement about whether to cave with groups…

A copy of the slide pack, including notes of the discussions and ideas generated during the workshop, is available at the following link:

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