Access Consultation

The Welsh Government are consulting on a series of proposed changes to the existing regulatory framework surrounding the sustainable management of Wales’ natural Resources.

What is this consultation about?

A wide range of issues are being address in the consultation, ranging from drainage to tree preservation, it’s a big document but the key chapters of note to Activity Providers are:

Chapter 4: Access to the Outdoors – proposals to make access simpler, fairer and with more opportunities for all. (p35-46)

Chapter 3: Designated Landscapes – How they are designated, protected and governed. (p26 -34)

The consultation document gives background information on each subject area, followed by a series of proposals for each chapter and questions they wish to be answered by you.

It has never been more important to take action and have you voice heard, this has the potential to enshrine sustainable access to land and water across the whole of Wales for future generations. Many responses have already been received by Welsh Government, the majority of which oppose any change – our voices can make a difference.

The full consultation document can be viewed HERE. Please take the time to read through their proposals and let them know what you think.

The full response document can be downloaded HERE or filled in online HERE.

I have produced a shortened version of the consultation response document which is attached. Its focus is on the two chapters mention above and aims to make it easy for you to respond to the issues that most effect you.

You must send in your response by September 13th 2017

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