Pontneddfechan Village Hall re-design options – consultation with Providers

The consultants who are looking into potential re-design of Pontneddfechan Village Hall have drawn up some options and would welcome views from Providers who use (or might use) the hall for changing, toilets, meetings, café, etc. The options are set out in the attached file, with the following message from the consultants:

“It has taken some time to develop options for Pontneddfechan Village Hall as we were waiting for measured surveys, but [we have] now looked at how the layout of the Hall might be reorganised and potentially extended to better serve users. One of the key criteria was to aim to separate activities so that more than one user/activity group could use spaces at any one time. This was particularly important for outdoor activity users who need access to toilet/changing facilities and dry spaces.

“We have discussed the various options with the [hall] Committee and various stakeholders including representatives of Brecon Beacon National Park and have taken feedback. There have [already] been constructive comments, such as creating a new doorway linking the main hall and the shed so that it can be used flexibly for storage and back-of-house during events if necessary, and would give better access at times to outdoor groups. The configuration of the toilets needs more consideration, but we have aimed to give controlled access to both Hall users and, at times, the public.

“I am attaching schematics of the options and it would be helpful to have your own comments. I stress that these are initial concepts. Nothing is cast in stone and there is scope for adapting the designs. Option Three (which seems to have resonated most strongly) shows changing cubicles, but this may not be necessary if we can divide spaces in other ways (such as by-fold screens) to separate boys and girls while changing.

“We are looking to schedule a community consultation later this month and want to present options and ideas that have been tested with user groups – and so we welcome your input, feedback and ideas. Feel free to email me with comments or to call to talk through.”

Please feed any comments to SWOAPG as soon as possible and we’ll pass them on to the consultants. Thanks!

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