Canoeing Access from Glasbury to Hay-on-Wye – Landowner Proposes Navigation Charge!

To all Members: Some of you will already be aware of the proposals made yesterday by Geoff Maynard to charge for passage of canoes through his property on the Wye between Glasbury and Hay. Canoe Wales has made the following statement and (since our Coordinator and the Canoe Wales Waterways & Environment Officer are one-and-the-same … Read more

Future Alerts from SWOAPG

To all members, observers & associates: Please note that, in future, Alerts from SWOAPG will no longer appear on our website, but will continue to to be sent by e-mail to all Members and will continue to be posted (automaticallly, and normally within 24 hours) on We are introducing this change to simplify … Read more